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Desktop network systems, also known as DNS-Direct was formed back in 1992. We looked at where the industry needed help and set out to guide businesses through the challenges that they meet.

As times change demand also changes and as our goals is to provide IT support in as many ways as you need, we have a large range of services that we provide and are constantly on the look out for ways of making your home or business more efficient.




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Email Address: support@dns-direct.com


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Email Address: support@dns-direct.com

Telephone: +44(0)870 0684750

DNS-Direct Hosting & Management

Budget Hosting -

At DNS we understand the importance of saving money and one way to do this is through choosing a cheap hosting provider. This can be problematic as you don’t get the personal service or reliability that you should get when paying for your hosting. That’s why at DNS we offer a range of different level servers to suit your need exactly and save you a lot of money. Server prices start at only £5.00 per month!

Super Server Hosting -

This is hosting tailor fit to your website to ensure the costs are at a minimum without cutting efficiency. These servers are used for websites that require a little extra power and management to compliment the system. Prices vary based on requirements.

DNS-Direct Web Development

With many happy customers to date, we believe that websites are the true face of any company. It can be hard to trust a web designer to get your website perfect, that is why at DNS we take the time to look through your existing materials and work with you to understand requirements and goals.

Corporate Websites -

At DNS we offer multi-page corporate websites for great prices and in a time frame that suits you. With years of experience, understanding new business ideas and developing corporate design we know that your website needs to represent your company in its entirety, that's why we go above and beyond to understand you and ensure you can make your mark online.

E-Commerce Websites -

E-Commerce is the future of business. Open all hours, cheaper then an office or shop, and every person on the planet can just walk straight into your store! This is why we encourage every small business to get online and start selling to the world, the benefits for niche market products are undeniable.

Splash pages -

At DNS we can offer your the ultimate in affordable web solutions. A splash page, is a one page website designed to suit you that consists of a contact form, your business details, missions statement, and a gallery. We offer this solution for only £10 per month with no start up costs! (£50 deposit - to be returned on completion)

At DNS we tailor make each and every development contract to fit your needs exactly.

For any other system requirements contact us below.

Web Development

Social media

Social Media is a business must have, and without it you can disengage customers and make it easy for people forget. The aim is to get as easily connectable as possible and then keep customers engaging with you via updating and posting things for them to read or watch. With all DNS systems we offer Social Media integration but we do offer this service for a very small price on its own. For all of the above we charge £50. To add content and design to all of the above we charge £80.


For our existing and new customers we know the all the tricks and when it comes to search engine optimisation. That's why we have a strict guideline to ensure the highest result possible and get you where you need to be.