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Desktop network systems, also known as DNS-Direct was formed back in 1992. We looked at where the industry needed help and set out to guide businesses through the challenges that they meet.

As times change demand also changes and as our goals is to provide IT support in as many ways as you need, we have a large range of services that we provide and are constantly on the look out for ways of making your home or business more efficient.




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Email Address: support@dns-direct.com

Telephone: +44(0)870 0684750

DNS IT Solutions


VM-Ware virtual computing will allow you to run multiple operating systems and workloads simultaneously from one server. Using this service comes with three key benefits:

1. Server costs - You can save money on power, management, and upgrades that are constantly rising in cost.

2. Poor return on investment - The common practice of dedicating a single server to each x86 application and sizing it for peak loads has lead to severe underutilizations. Typically, most data center servers run at 5 - 15% CPU utilisation.

3. Manageability - Managing servers becomes increasingly difficult as the numbers grow. Adding to the challenge is the heterogeneous mix of hardware vendors, server models, operating systems and configurations that IT departments need to support.

With this knowledge why not watch these helpful videos and discover how we can help you. More Here…

The VIPS CRM System -

Don't let your customers suffer with delays, communication problems and loss of materials. Every business that cares about it’s customers needs a fully manageable and easy to use Client Relations Management system.

The DNS CRM is the best in the business. With our Virtual Interface Portal System you can fully manage your customer relations, schedule meetings, set up automatic reminders.

What VIPS does for you:

With this system in place you can manage every customer like they are the heartbeat of your business. Small and medium enterprises and organisations will benefit from our standard solution and larger company's can be comfort fit with an expanded solution.

For requesting the DNS CRM solution fill in the form below and start managing on a whole new scale. More Here…

Visit the DNS-VMWare Area Here…

Green IT? -

These days ‘Going Green’ is practically a requirement, but what if you could really start to see the benefits? We provide green IT with a difference.

We have a wide range of Greener solutions for a vast number or demands and to achieve the best possible solution for you we always recommend taking the Carbon Calculator Test! More Here…

So how do you fare? Let us know and we can asses your business to provide the highest level of options and service. Need more information on DNS Green IT solutions? More Here…

Technical, Network and Server Support at DNS -

DNS offer a technical support service of the highest quality! Consultancy at DNS is in high demand because we supply a service driven by satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with your current set up or if your having problems, give us a call and we can offer you and supply you with the solutions that you might not have known are available.

You can’t settle for second best in business, so take a look at what we can offer you in support and upgrades.

Unix open systems (HPUX, Solaris and Red Hat)

Sun Microsystems (Solaris)

EMC Symmetric (disk arrays SAN NAS)

Oracle (databases)

Apple Macintosh Systems (OSX 10.x)



Server Support and Maintenance

Go Here, for more information and printable resources about what DNS can offer.

SAM - Software Asset Management

At Desktop Network Systems we like to bring new tech to our clients and this is another of our products put simply, SAM is a powerful and innovative piece of software that enables you to control and manage every aspect of a service department or Asset management Business in one place. It will streamline and automate various business functions, leading to enhanced productivity, reduced costs and greater visibility of your assets and the progress of ongoing jobs and projects.

SAM was originally designed as an ‘off the peg’ product for smaller businesses that do not require or cannot afford complex, bespoke software solutions.

However, we have now developed three versions of SAM to suit different needs, one of which can be customised and adapted to suit the requirements of even the largest business.

Although SAM is a stand-alone product, it will also interface successfully with existing applications such as Sage, giving you even more resource and flexibility. More Here…

The DNS Enterprise resource planning System (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) refers to a management system that is used integrate the various departments and functions of business into a unified system. The single system is composed of various software modules and components that handle all the different processes of each department, from manufacturing operations to finance and human resources.

An ERP system will generally require both hardware and software components. The system is most likely to have a single data warehouse (a central database). While ERP systems originated from the need for manufacturing planning systems, they are now enterprise-wide in their functionality. ERP suites come in many forms and many are scalable to the requirements of a medium-sized business. Many people still think of ERP as a back-office solution, newer versions come with inbuilt CRM functionality. The original ERP systems were integrated monolithic packages, but newer ERP systems are more flexible and can be installed as separate components.

This is a much better solution for medium-sized companies. This means you can install the ERP modules incrementally, as needs or costs dictate. You will not have to worry about interoperability as you expand your ERP solution.